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More Class From Free Shoes U?

We've heard roughly the same story about FSU fans in two separate accounts now.  Anyone else? It must be really frustrating to stink in both football and basketball.On a slightly different note, perhaps J.J. Redick's prediction is coming true: you may recall that he predicted Greg Paulus would become the next hated Blue Devil.


from the mailbag!

I live in Florida so was at the game last night. After the much-discussed incident between Paulus and Reid near the end of the game, much of the fans at the end of the arena where Duke was shooting started chanting "F*** you, Paulus" over and over again, which was somewhat audible on the ESPN telecast as I watched it this morning. I couldn't help but think of the Maryland fans when this happened.

Also, after the game was over and the teams were leaving, several fans had made a concerted effort to gather in the stands near the exit the players were leaving through, and as Paulus was leaving they all started chanting "You suck Paulus".

And in watching the telecast this morning, you can clearly hear an FSU fan saying something along the lines of "if he didn't get hit hard enough yet, hit him again" after Paulus was punched.