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ACC Roundup

In Tuesday night ACC action, State lost to Clemson, 70-54, B.C. took out Miami, 75-66, and Maryland knocked off Wake, 71-64.Don't look now, but B.C. is 3-0 in the conference. Our bet here, given their schedule, is that they wind up around 12-4 in conference.

Wednesday's ACC Action!
Teams Times! TV
Virginia Tech @ UVa 7:00 ESPNU
UNC @ Georgia Tech 9:00 ESPN

Boston College 3-0 1.000 12-4 .750 North Carolina 2-0 1.000 17-0 1.000 Duke 1-0 1.000 13-1 .929 Clemson 2-1 .667 14-3 .824 Miami 1-1 .500 14-2 .875 Florida State 1-1 .500 12-5 .706 Virginia Tech 1-1 .500 10-6 .625 Wake Forest 1-2 .333 11-5 .688 Maryland 1-2 .333 11-7 .611 Virginia 0-1 .000 10-4 .714 NC State 0-2 .000 11-5 .688 Georgia Tech 0-2 .000 7-8 .467For Miami, it was a brief visit to the Top 25.

Maryland moved to 11-7 overall and out of the conference cellar after beating Wake. The Terps got big games from Grievis Vasquez (22 points) and Bamble Osby, who racked up 16 points and 11 doubles.

You'd think by now people would be on to Terrence Oglesby, but the Pack wasn't , and Clemson's star freshman guard hit four threes, including two that started a big Clemson run. Then again, State didn't contest all the threes, bizarre as it sounds. Sidney Lowe says he's concerned about the "mental toughness." If he's smart, he'll be concerned about the fans, too.

State didn't help themselves with 23 turnovers. And it's probably not good news for Ben McCauley, who was carried off the court with 1:21 to go with a bad ankle.

On Wednesday night, we fully expect UNC to dissect Georgia Tech like your father's biology frog. It could get ugly.

With Dave Leitao in meltdown mode after two bad losses, could there be a worse time for rival Tech to come to town? They're improving, and they hate Virginia. Should be interesting.