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ACC Roundup

Wow, what an interesting day in the ACC. Where to begin? Well, let's start with State's total meltdown in Chapel Hill. What the heck happened? Pretty much everyone involved in that fiasco admitted that State just didn't show up.

ACC Standings
North Carolina 2-0 1.000 17-0
Boston College 2-0 1.000 11-4
Miami 1-0 1.000 14-1
Wake Forest 1-1 1.000 11-4
Clemson 1-1 .500 13-3
Florida State 1-1 .500 12-5
Virginia Tech 1-1 .500 10-6
Duke 0-0 .000 12-1
Virginia 0-0 .000 10-3
NC State 0-1 .000 11-4
Maryland 0-2 .000 10-7
Georgia Tech 0-2 .000 7-8

Ben McCauley said, "I'm kind of speechless because I didn't see that coming... You don’t lose by 30 with good chemistry. It’s unfortunate that we’re in conference play and we’re still working out the kinks.” Sidney Lowe called it "an eye opener." You think?

State shot 17% in the first half and only managed 13 points. UNC is a really good team, but they're not that good: State was pretty responsible for their own disaster. As Jay Bilas said “[t]here’s no way that any team in America is going to hold a good team to 13 points in a half with their defense alone. N.C. State helped them. N.C. State was a huge problem for themselves." Needless to say, this isn't going to go over well with State fans, many of whom are going to jump off the Lowe bus.

It may not get better soon: State gets Clemson, Miami, Georgia Tech, FSU and Duke. At this point, none of those are easy wins unless State gets on the same page.

Speaking of Clemson...they were staring a three-game losing streak in the eye, with all the trauma of last season bubbling up, and refused to give in. Bully for the Tigers!

Florida State gave them a tough game, taking Clemson first into overtime as Trevor Booker hit a three to keep Clemson alive. Then in the first OT, Uche Echefu hitting a three with just seconds remaining to put FSU up by two. But Clemson tied it again on a James Mays shot. In the second overtime, Clemson kicked into gear and put Florida State away, with Terrence Oglesby hitting 12 points. Game, set, match.

Florida State played with a lot of heart, but couldn't pull it off. Neither could Maryland, as the Terps lost to Virginia Tech, 67-66. It's another game the Terps could have won but didn't, falling to 10-7.

Before the game, according to the Post, Greivis Vasquez said "if we don't beat them, we're in trouble." Then he had the chance, personally, to put the game away on a three and blew it. He finished 2-14. Tech's Malcolm Delaney delivered a verbal coup de grace, saying this about Vasquez, and Maryland: "He was getting very frustrated with his shots not going down. He was kind of talking to himself, saying that he had to hit some shots. But I just stayed with him. Hayes wasn't in the game, so I had to limit their one guy that scores."


Georgia Tech fell to under .500 and ever more uncertainty about the direction of the program after losing to Miami, 78- 68. It wasn't necessarily unexpected, although Tech led for part of the game by as many as 12, but it's said to see a proud program playing this way. Paul Hewitt didn't help, picking up a T after an intentional foul and a Miami a five point possession which pretty much crushed that lead.

The Yellow Jackets are getting frustrated. Jeremis Smith: "Oh, man, me and Anthony were just in the locker room asking, 'What is it?' We're tired of answering questions. We just don't get it. We just don't know what it is, honestly."

Pretty sad, really.

B.C. isn't necessarily the team in the ACC most likely to go off from three point range, but the Eagles hit 13 and Tyrese Rice racked up 32 points and they just shredded Wake Forest, 112-73. B.C. shot 66%, which is insane in-conference.