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Bad Nifong Reappears

Mike Nifong is back in the news with an unhappy letter to the state bar decrying "the fundamental unfairness" of the procedures.Hmmm...fundamentally unfair why does that sound familiar? Hmmm....

Oddly enough, when his hearing was over, Nifong said he was treated fairly.

On a more substantive note, this sort of underscores what we've said about Nifong from time to time, that he's a bully. When things get tough - like when he got busted by the bar - he grovels. But otherwise, he's a bully. And all in all, having a bully as a district attorney is a very bad idea.

All this when there is a sense, at least from a distance, that a lot of the principles are ready to let this go.

Nifong is, in every meaningful sense, his own worst enemy. But at least he's no longer an attorney.