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Coach K On The Nike Hoop Summit Game

Among the coaches present at the Nike Hoop Summit Game was Mike Krzyzewski, a fact which was not lost on Duke target Patrick Patterson, who said "It meant a lot for me for him to come out and watch me play."

Coach K had some interesting comments about the nature of play in this game, saying that the NBA's rule restricting early entry may play a role:

"A lot of the really star players get maligned about being too individualistic," Coach K told the Memphis Commercial Appeal. "I thought they played so well as a team, and that's the reports we had from practice this week. That's a nice example to set for other players who want to play in the game. It's nice for the future of college basketball that they are so team-oriented.

"In the all-star games, in general, even in McDonald's game, you saw better teamwork (because of the NBA rule) because kids were vying for (pro) contracts. The level of these games have gone up a lot."

Also, our man in Tokyo was nice enough to send us a link for a box score.  Thanks Bob!