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Coaching Moves

In the latest coaching moves, John Beilein has moved on to Michigan, although he hasn't visited the campus and hasn't seen the allegedly crappy facilities. What's up with that? Is he that desperate to get out of West Virginia? On the other hand, he never visited West Virginia before dumping Richmond, either. Colorado has offered Air Force's Jeff Bzdelik, but no word yet on whether he'll take it.

This year's Cremins Award candidate is Dana Altman, who worked for Arkansas for a day before beating it back to Creighton. Bobby Cremins was the original auter of this sort of stunt. He was followed by Jim Harrick, who had such a hard time deciding to keep or reject the Georgia job that a Rhody official publicly questioned his mental stability, and last year's move by Winthrop coach Gregg Marshall, who went to Charleston for a day before fleeing, opening the job for...Bobby Cremins.