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Welcome To Lexington

For Billy Gillispie, the pressure starts more or less immediately, as a member of the Athletics Association Board of Directors, Bill Gatton notes: "For a couple of years, we ought to give every bit of a helping hand to lowering expectations for men's basketball because the cupboard was kind of left bare," he told Lexington's Herald-Leader.

"But let's don't get where we think we've accomplished something by getting in the NCAA (Tournament) in basketball. After a couple of years of honeymoon, just getting in the NCAA, you haven't done much, given Kentucky's tradition, Kentucky's facilities and Kentucky's fan base...It's all right the first couple of years, but after a couple of years, people shouldn't get bonuses for just getting in the NCAA ... Just put it in his salary so he won't think he's reached a bar by doing that. ... It shouldn't be a significant accomplishment to get into the NCAA if you're Kentucky."

Well, yeah, he has a point, sort of, but it's a lousy way to welcome your new coach.