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Coach G Departs

Coach Gail Goestenkors has decided to leave Duke for Texas, apparently looking for a new challenge. While Duke fans will miss her, only the most churlish would fail to be grateful for everything she has done for Duke. She's done an incredible job and will be greatly missed.

In a statement, A.D. Joe Alleva said "In the end, it came down to her seeking a new challenge at this stage in her career and her life. While we are disappointed that she has chosen to leave, we have to look forward now and search for the best women's basketball coach for Duke University."

Jack Winters of the Iron Dukes said "I truly believe that this university did everything in its power to keep her here," said Jack Winters. I'd be shocked if it came down to a dollar figure. That's just not who Gail is and it's also not who Duke is."

And President Brodhead said "I know this was an extremely difficult decision for her, but ultimately the lure of a new challenge outweighed her many ties at Duke."

So the search for a replacement begins, although there's no word on how that search will be organized yet. A leading candidate has to be former Duke player and assistant Joann Boyle, currently at Cal.