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UK's Lament

With the departure of Tubby Smith and the hiring of recruiting junkie Billy Gillispie, Kentucky is investing more in recruiting, boosting the budget for corraling young players by $300,000. A.D. Mitch Barnhart says he'd like to buy a plane for his coaches, but assistant A.D. Rob Mullens says "[t]hree-hundred thousand dollars isn't going to buy you a plane."

The colors already match!

He's right. It would, however, make a nice downpayment on a HondaJet., as Honda is now on the bleeding edge of aviation. We're not sure, but we're guessing Honda could strap a bomb underneath this sucker in case it came anywhere near Christian Laettner's house. We're not suggesting it, but we know a lot of Kentucky folk will, so we just thought we'd beat them to the punch.

The $300,000 for recruiting is a good bit more than the $80,000 the department will spend on tutors, but Kentucky has its priorities, and impressing naive 18-year-olds is right up there at the top. Go Cats!

Kentucky of course is after Patrick Patterson, even after the late coaching change. But if they don't get him, they have Plan B. Now if they only had an airplane...