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Your Chance To Be A Hero

Most of the time what we write about here is fun and interesting, but rarely involves life or death. However, at times things get a tad more serious, and so it is with a newborn who is fighting for her life, and her parents, friends of DBR, are frantically looking for an answer, and hope someone here can help.

Marty and Carrie's little girl, Maya Olivia, is one week old and struggling valiantly for life. The doctors think she may have Pierson Syndrome, which is quite rare and very hard to overcome. There is only one doctor in the world who even knows how to test for it, and he lives in Germany. According to Marty and Carrie, there is a regulation about sending bloodwork overseas which prevents them from sending him a sample.

If any of you guys know how to cut through the red tape and get an answer, you could do something really rare and rewarding: possibly save an infant's life. Just drop a line to us here using "Maya Olivia" in the subject field, and we'll forward it on as soon as we can. Thanks so much!