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Lee Fowler Gets Extension & State Dumps WPTF

Lee Fowler is a somewhat prickly guy who takes a whack periodically at people like Coach K, which should endear him to State fans. And after a nearly disastrous search for a new basketball coach to replace Herb Sendek, he ended up with Sidney Lowe, which seemed a desperate hire at the time but which has worked out pretty well. And then he hired B.C.'s Tom O' Brien, a guy who seems certain to succeed in Raleigh just as he did at B.C. State gave him a three year extension, which is going to annoy some people.

In another State note, the Pack is giving up its historical relationship with local radio station WPTF. It's a shame in some ways, given the majestic history WPTF has broadcast for State. The station has been at the heart of many great ACC moments, more so than perhaps any other station in conference history. Like leaving Reynolds Coliseum, it may have been inevitable, but like leaving Reynolds, it leaves part of State's soul behind.