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Latest Lax News

The lacrosse trial is long since cooked, of course, but you may recall that the Finnerty camp said it had an alibi. Turns out it was as solid as Reade Seligmann's.

And while Mike Nifong's professional fate is still in question, his social fate is pretty much sealed. Latest example: Sebastian Telfair's attorney, who in light of his recent gun arrest says "[i]t always bothers me when you punish a guy so severely before there's been a finding of fact. I think that's wrong whether it happens in Durham (N.C) or in Boston."

Meanwhile, NCCU Chancellor James Ammons issued a rebuke of Solomon Burnette's incendiary column from earlier in the week.

And also, here's the latest from Cash Michaels, including some comments from Al Sharpton we hadn't seen before. Sharpton suggests that the lax players have a strong law suite against a false accuser. He should know!

Finally, in an unfortunate note, some of the professors who signed the "listening statement" (aka the Group of 88) have received threatening e-mail. That sort of thing is disgusting and cowardly and if the senders are found, we hope they are prosecuted - but maybe in a different jurisiction if Mike Nifong is still running the show.