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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Seeeya! Wright Departs For The NBA

As you surely heard Monday, Brandan Wright has announced for the NBA; while he hasn't retained an agent, coach Roy Williams thinks it's extremely unlikely that he'll pull out.

Apart from leaving with a national title, it's almost exactly the same situation that Marvin Williams encountered a couple of seasons ago. Wright is a gifted young big man who has a world of potential.

But at only 205, he could face a tough couple of years in the NBA until he bulks up.

The effect on UNC won't be that great. They retain Tyler Hansbrough, who will have the middle mostly to himself again. Sophs Deon Thompson and Alex Stephenson will be asked to do more, and Williams has often worked with two big men in the past. But they could go small too.

It's no knock on Wright at all to say this, but it wouldn't surprise us if UNC were better off in many respects without him. The rotation is reduced, for one thing, and more assertive personalities, you might say, could take root.