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The Gators Get Their Back To Back

Florida beat Ohio State, 84-75, to win their second straight title.  In between the basketball titles, they also beat Ohio State for the football championship, which gives them bragging rights for about the next 20 years.  Congrats to the Gators, and especially to our pal Stray Gator, who pulls for Florida when he's not hanging around Cameron.

Ohio State was game, but they were simply overwhelmed by a more experienced (and brilliant) team.  And while Greg Oden did a pretty thorough job shutting down the inside and getting the Gators big men in foul trouble (and staying out of it himself), three point shooting just killed Ohio State.

And yet, despite that, at times in the second half, they appeared ready to put on one of their patented rallies.  But it wasn't to be, as they couldn't capitalize on the offensive end, and when they couldn't stop Florida's perimeter game, the deal was sealed.

In one bright note for the Buckeyes, any questions about Greg Oden were pretty much answered. Yes, he has a ways to go, but he had several powerful blocks and altered a bunch of shots.  He's a hugely gifted shotblocker and his future is exceedingly bright.