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The FITSter Visits The Women's Final Four!

If FITS knows anything about April, it's that you can count on two things: Paying income taxes, and listening to the Tarheels bitch about referees.As the Tarheel women, nattily attired in their mass transit blue tunics, sputtered, gagged and fumbled away a big lead against Tennessee, your airborn administrator valiantly tried to get some oxygen to the air deprived hoopsters, but alas the airways were fully shut down, and there was nothing the FITSter could do.

Yet somehow, heroically, one of the larger Tarheels, Erlana Larkins, found enough energy and class to mumble the following heartfelt words of congratulations to the Lady Vols: "The refs damn sure didn't help. I think it all boils down to the free throw line."

FITS congratulates Coach Sylvia for teaching her values so very well to her team!