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Virginia Tech Update

Among the thousands of relieved parents of Virginia Tech students after Monday's horrifying shooting spree is Seth Greenberg, whose daughter, Paige, is a freshman at the school.

"I'm numb right now thinking about the parents coming to campus to identify their children," Greenberg said on ESPN. "It's hard to put into words. What would drive someone to do this?

"This is the most peaceful, tranquil and safe environment. But this shows that there is nowhere that you're safe from tragedy or this type of senseless violence. It's devastating."

Virginia Tech, which has allowed Greenburg to tag both the Big East and the ACC on his resume, has been a tough spot for the coach in some respects. Last season, there were several personal tragedies on the team, but Greenberg remained stoic. This week is far worse, and Greenburg, like so many others, cannot be stoic.

This includes the parents of Cho Seung-hi, who have been hospitalized after their son's appalling actions.

Virginia Tech coaches in all sports had to account for all their athletes, but there were no athletes among the slain.

(In a trivial note, Robert Krabbendam is leaving the basketball team and hopes to play professionally in Europe).

For those of us in the Southeast, certainly, the reactions bear a resemblance to 9/11, as we find more and more of our friends who are affected. Among those are those who loved Reema Samaha. This heartbreaking e-mail came in today.

My wife's cousin was killed at virginia tech. Reema Samaha. She was the flower girl at our wedding. We're learning that it could be 4 to 5 days before the bodies are released. Apparently this has to do with the investigation.

While we understand the need for the authorities to do their work, it seems a manpower shortage is a factor here. The families have not been allowed to view their children yet. Something about space. Any way to mobilize your readers to contact Va. governor Kaine to send more resources to the area so the families don't have to wait?

We're not sure we can help much here, but we wanted to put it out there and hope that the wait is shorter than it appears it may be.

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