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Gregg Marshall Makes His Move

This is an interesting, although somewhat odd move: Gregg Marshall is leaving Winthrop for Wichita State.

To us it's odd because given what he's built, and sustained, at Winthrop, Marshall should have been snapped up by a higher-level program earlier.

Nonetheless, Wichita offers some interesting things: although people east of the Mississippi sort of overlook it, Wichita has a great tradition and a ton of fan support. And like a lot of the schools in what some call the old Southwest (with the new Southwest being Arizona, New Mexico, and the surrounding areas), like UTEP for instance, Wichita State has long mined JUCO talent, much of which is located in places like Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Schools like UTEP and Oklahoma have long plucked talent from places like San Jacinto, Odessa, and Barton, among others.

Marshall will be able to find the athletes he needs to make his system work, and you can reasonably expect the Shockers to continue shocking.