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Latest Lax News & Links

In lacrosse news, the team had a big win over Virginia on a trick shot. Getting back to basics must be nice. Meanwhile, off the court, President Brodhead continues to deal with the fallout, speaking to alums in Page.

The N&O is doing a major series on the lacrosse case, with the first installment out Saturday, covering Mike Nifong's rush to judge the case. There are some damning quotes in there from Bob Ekstrand and former campaign manager Jackie Brown, among others. And here's Sunday's installment. The more you read, the worse Nifong comes off. This is simply incredible.

It's nice to see both local papers getting aggressive about the case, although both could have done more earlier. Either paper could have blown the story wide open, and would have been in line for a Pulitzer. Unfortunately - and this is far more true for the Durham paper - they blew a huge opportunity to cover themselves in glory.