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K's Latest Inventory

Coach K has taken one of his periodic inventories and among other things, he is reconsidering Duke's relationship with the media. He tells the N&O's Luciana Chavez that '[p]eople are always going to have counter views, but our stuff doesn't get out as much or an answer we have doesn't get out there. So we're attempting to try to get that out a little bit more."

This is, in our opinion, really good news: we've held for some time now that Duke needs to reconsider how it is dealing with the media, and we're glad that it's happening, and especially that it's happening on the local level. The local media is more influential than most realize, not least of all because Dick Vitale calls them to discuss things. He's surely not the only one, and the local media has been grumpy about a lack of access to Coach K for a long time.