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Pelphrey To Arkansas

John Pelphrey got the Arkansas job, but there was a brief rumor that Clemson's Oliver Purnell interviewed. He says it didn't happen. Obviously this was a tough year for Clemson, but he's a quality coach and he'll get it done there.

Pelphrey has a sense of humor, which is nice to see. From his press conference:

  • "If I was the Kentucky coach, the moment I hit the ground I'd be a complete idiot. That would tarnish what I did as a player there. This is the best situation for me and my family right here."
  • "I'm not going anywhere. But I have heard the first day is the toughest." (Dana Altman had the job for a day, you'll recall, before heading back to Creighton).
  • Well that's the greatest game according to the Duke fans. Not to me." (On the famous 1992 game).