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ACC Roundup

In Sunday's ACC action, Clemson shocked Virginia Tech at home, 75-74, to deny the Hokies a stake of first place and to also keep Clemson's slim hopes of a bid alive. And Georgia Tech cemented their claim with a solid victory over Boston College, 74-60.

Final Regular Season Standings
North Carolina 11-5 25-6
Virginia 11-5 20-9
Virginia Tech 10-6 20-10
Boston College 10-6 19-10
Maryland 10-6 24-7
Georgia Tech 8-8 20-10
Duke 8-8 22-9
Clemson 7-9 21-9
Florida State 7-9 19-11
NC State 5-11 15-14
Wake Forest 5-11 14-15
Miami 4-12 11-19

Clemson's win was rather more dramatic, hitting the game winner with 18 seconds left and then stopping the Hokies.

True to form, when Virginia Tech put Clemson on the line twice in the last five seconds, Clemson scratched. But Tech did too.

So the tournament bracket is set. The seeds:

  1. UNC
  2. UVa
  3. VT
  4. B.C.
  5. Maryland
  6. GT
  7. Duke
  8. Clemson
  9. FSU
  10. NCSU
  11. Wake Forest
  12. Miami

UNC, B.C., UVa and Georgia Tech all get Thursday byes.

Clemson and FSU open things up, and it's a key game for both. The winner still has a chance at a bid (and will likely get it if they upset UNC, no matter which team it is).

Maryland gets Miami at 2:00, and should win easily.

Duke, without the suspended Gerald Henderson, will see a still-angry State, seething over the earlier route in the RBC Center, and a hot Georgia Tech will get Wake Forest.

It would take some major breaks and some depth for a Thursday team to make it to the finals, but as luck would have it, there are two candidates: Georgia Tech and Maryland. Both are as hot as anyone, both have a lot of depth, and in Tech's case, they have as desirable a path as they could really hope for. Maryland would have to go through BC and UNC, but it's possible.