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Final Four Lobby Action!

John Feinstein has a well-known affection for the action at the Final Four - the off-the-floor coaching action, that is - and has an entertaining article up on the Post's site with coaches speculating on who will get what job, the politics of the profession, and the insanity of coaching at Kentucky. Among the rumors: Leonard Hamilton as a candidate for Arkansas. In one odd coaching note not mentioned in his article, South Carolina State fired Jamal Brown for violations of Title IX. We're not sure how a coach (as opposed to an administrator) does that. Interesting situation.

In another interesting situation, Georgetown recruited a kid (since transferred) who got his diploma from one of those schools the NCAA is trying to ban: he finished public school with 12 Fs, failed even P.E., and wound up with a 1.3 GPA in core courses before transferring to Lutheran Christian Academy. Kevin Broadus, who was at GW before Georgetown, found LCA fertile recruiting ground. He has taken a job at Binghamton and will be their head coach after the season. Officials there were more than a bit surprised when told about his previous recruiting.