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The FITster Visits The Meadowlands!

FITS hadn't had a decent lung full of good, rancid air in months, so on Sunday he took a flap up to The Meadowlands of The Garden State where he was somewhat astonished by what he observed in the early evening hours.Zooming through the chemical mist surrounding Continental Airlines Arena (or whatever they call it these days) The FITSter was astonished to see thousands of people dressed like mass transit workers doing a highly depressed shuffle out of the facility (along with one short,gray haired dude clutching a Coke can and gasping pathetically for air).

Had New York City just made an insultingly low contract offer to its thousands of heroic bus drivers and subway workers? It sure looked like it...

But zipping in for a closer look, your airborn acrobat discerned they weren't mass transit workers at all, their hideous clothing notwithstanding, but rather Tarheel fans who had just witnessed their team pull off one of the all-time fabulous NCAA chokes.

Despite ample help from the hospitable officiating crew (were the ChapelHillians fatigued from shooting too many free throws?) the visitors from the Old North State found the game to be like throwing a beach ball into a soup can as they misfired on 22 of their final 23 shots.

Too bad, because ol' Roy could've found half a dozen crack dealers who are better shots than that, all within walking distance of the parking lots.

And adding insult to injury, many of the other exiting fans kept walking up to the crumpled Tarheels asking them how to get the Number 8 bus back into the City.