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Jason Ray Update - It's Not Looking Good

Things are looking grim for UNC's Jason Ray, who wears their mascot uniform. Ray was hit by an SUV on Friday, and his father now says he expects him to die, barring "...the intervention of the Lord."

This is terrible news for a lot of people but obviously his parents most of all. We read earlier that they had him late in life and then threw themselves into being his parents in a major way. It's hard to imagine what they're going through, and our hearts really go out to them. There's no real way to understand this or to make sense out of it. From all accounts, he is an impressive young man and much loved, and he wasn't drunk or intoxicated or doing anything obviously wrong. It's not clear that the driver did anything wrong.

All of this is small comfort to his parents, who have a very tough road ahead. Our prayers go out to them, and we hope yours do too.