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Friday's Action!

In Friday night's games, some more great ones for the vaults as Florida, Georgetown, and UNC all fell behind lower-seeded teams and had to rally.  Only Oregon pulled away early, putting UNLV down without too much trouble.Florida won 65-57, Georgetown 66-65, and UNC beat USC 74-64.

Put that together with Ohio State's last two games and you can see a pretty definite trend.  The question is: who gets too close to the edge first?

On Saturday, Ohio State gets Memphis, with mouthy center Joey Dorsey, who has been asking for Greg Oden, quite loudly.

That game is at 4:40; UCLA-Kansas is at 7:05.  We should learn from George Costanza and pick against our instinct.  But we'll go down with the ship:  Ohio State and UCLA.