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More On Tubby & The Kentucky Job

There are times when it's certainly understandable to replace a coach. But whatever happened at Kentucky - there are rumors that Tubby Smith resigned before he was fired - it's really sad that a guy who has won, and won consistently without cheating, isn't appreciated.

This happens at big schools like Kentucky, UCLA, UNC, and, more and more lately, Duke, where a lot of fans take the phenomenal achievements of the Krzyzewski era for granted.

Duke fans should watch this process closely. Kentucky fans may not get what they expect out of this move.

Here are the candidates speculated about to replace Tubby Smith at Kentucky:

  • Tom Crean, Marquette
  • Billy Donovan, Florida
  • John Calipari, Memphis
  • Rick Barnes, Texas
  • Tom Izzo, Michigan State
  • Jay Wright, Villanova
  • Mike Brey, Notre Dame

Here's a question, just to stir the pot: what if Rick Pitino was interested in getting his old job back?