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Go Kay, Go!

As you may know, N.C. State's Kay Yow is in a fight with cancer which she is increasingly unlikely to win. Her team is determined to fight on for her, though, and somewhat like (although quite differently than) the men, are engaged in a memorable run.  Like her late colleague, Jim Valvano, Yow is not backing down in the face of a death sentence and is fighting with everything at her disposal.  We pull for Duke first second and last, but we hope everyone joins us in supporting Yow.  She has inspired her team beyond belief.  She is too weak, really, to do what she's doing, but as Jimmy V taught us, cancer can take away her body, but it can't touch her spirit.State folk are made of stern stuff, it would seem, and the rest of us should be cheering our hearts out even while we wipe our eyes dry.