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ACC Roundup

In ACC news, Virginia topped Virginia Tech, 65-59, and Georgia Tech made a huge advance in their drive for an NCAA bid, beating UNC, 87-74.

ACC Standings
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Virginia 11-4 .733 20-8 .714
North Carolina 10-5 .667 24-6 .800
Virginia Tech 10-5 .667 20-9 .690
Boston College 10-5 .667 19-9 .679
Maryland 9-6 .600 23-7 .767
Duke 8-7 .533 22-8 .733
Georgia Tech 7-8 .467 19-10 .655
Clemson 6-9 .400 20-9 .690
Florida State 6-9 .400 18-11 .621
NC State 5-10 .333 15-13 .536
Wake Forest 4-11 .267 13-15 .464
Miami 4-11 .267 11-18 .379

The two games put Virginia alone in first place, and put UNC in second place; the tiebreaker with Virginia Tech puts them in third.  Tyler Hansbrough ended up with 16 points and 10 boards despite playing sick.

We don't know if the recruiting rumor was true, but supposedly, Tech's Thaddeus Young was ready to commit to UNC but not publicly.  Brandan Wright was ready, so UNC took him instead, leaving Young for Tech.

That was the story; we don't know if it was true or not.

Paid off for Tech, as Young had 25 points.  Anthony Morrow had 19, and Javaris Crittenton had 13 to help pace the Yellow Jackets.

Tech closes up shop with Boston College, and if they win that one, they've pretty much kicked the NCAA door in.  It's a talented, young team, and they're coming on at the right time.

Incidentally, good thing Hansbrough had 10 boards; the rest of the Heels had only 15.

Everyone who picked Virginia to finish in first, raise your hand.

Okay, now those of you who aren't deranged.  Not too many, huh?

Yet here they are, alone in first, and closing up against Wake Forest, a road game against a team which has shown little this year.  Not only that, they clinched first place (or a tie barring a shocking loss to Wake) by beating their most hated rival, Virginia Tech.

Tech coach Seth Greenberg blamed his players:  "We just didn't play well. t the end of the first half, I thought we had some guys that just really didn't get it done for us, didn't compete enough."

With all due respect, Virginia Tech has been erratic for some time now.  Certainly it's partly the player's fault, but the coach is responsible for his team's performance.

Dave Leitao said,  "[w]e have a chance Saturday to do something very special.  I spent a lot of time before the building was open talking to people that a lot of people will remember that first game here. Well, even more people will talk about and remember if we take care of our business and can call ourselves ACC champs."

Note to Leitao:  we know you're still kind of new around here, but the title is determined next weekend.

Virginia's inaugural season in their new arena has to be counted as a smashing success.  Leitao now is a shoo-in for coach of the year, and Sean Singletary get a big boost for player of the year as well.