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Two Reader Plugs!

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Barbara Blackburn, who has been hanging out here for a while now, asked us to pass this on to you guys. And also, we've been meaning to pass on an e-mail from Dave Johnson about his business, which sounds promising.

I'm doing two book talks/book signings as a part of Educator's Savings Week at Borders Books in Charlotte and Raleigh, and I'll be discussing the two foundational elements for intrinsic motivation. My talk is geared for teachers, parents, and those who home school their children, so everyone is welcome! Borders will have both of my books (Classroom Motivation from A to Z and Classroom Instruction from A to Z). As a DBR side note, several of the strategies from teachers in Classroom Motivation came from DBR readers or relatives of DBR readers.

Here's the info about each signing:
I'll be at the Charlotte (Southpark) location on Friday, March 23 at 4:30
and the Central Raleigh location on Saturday, March 24 at 2 pm. If you are in the area, please drop by, say hello, and I'll be glad to sign your book(s).

And of course, if DBR readers would rather support DBR, the books are on Amazon:


I hope this email finds you well. My name is David Johnson and I am writing in the hope that you might provide some assistance to a Duke graduate (Trinity ’98). I am a lifelong Duke fan, visiting with my father, who played baseball and graduated in ’69. Duke basketball is in my blood and was even provided the opportunity to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated with one of my close friends, Steve Wojciechowski (not how my father and I initially dreamed it up).

We launched our information management business about a year and a half ago (with the help of some fellow Duke grads), and are very interested in networking with our fellow alums as we expand. I would truly appreciate if you could post a brief overview of my company, Atlas Digital Solutions, and a link to our website.

I know you are well aware that the financial, medical, legal, and corporate communities are transitioning to off-site digital storage for security, cost savings, and regulatory compliance purposes. Our company specializes in electronic information storage and management and we provide secure, state of the art technology for absolute protection of valuable data. We operate two world class SAS70 compliant data centers. The facilities are monitored and protected from power failure, physical intrusion and network outages by back-up power and cooling systems, multi-layered security and network redundancy and diversity. Our main solutions include:

  • AtlasVault – our remote backup and recovery solution
  • AtlasReplica – our high availability application and data solution
  • AtlasComplete – our infrastructure outsourcing solution
  • AtlasNeverFail – our BlackBerry (BES server) continuity solution

Bottom Line - Atlas Digital Solutions can provide a complete information management solution for your consideration, including: (i) centralized backup and recovery for critical information; and (ii) a world class Data Center as an alternative disaster recovery site, and thus result in increased productivity and value by focusing on core business activities.