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One More Personal Note

When I posted about my mother's death yesterday, I realized that I couldn't mention everyone who was important to her, or who was helpful to us during her illness, but I did forget to mention one person I absolutely intended to thank, and that was Dr. Jaspal Singh.Dr. Singh was phenomenal.  He was knowledgeable, highly professional, and in some ways most importantly, deeply humane and very decent.  I mentioned to him at one point that dealing with imminent death must be a very difficult part of his job; his response was "better me than someone else."

He's right.  He's a remarkable mix of technical acumen and an ability to talk to people on whatever level they happen to be capable of.  He also had a knack for lightening a grim mood and making people comfortable in the most difficult situations imaginable.  If you have any need for a doctor who deals with Pulmonary issues or critical care, he is, in the words of a family friend who also happens to be a physician, a gem.