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Latest Quotes

In the new system, each article publishes to the headlines. We don't want to do that with quotes, so we'll compile them into a file and post them this way.

"When Duke celebrated the questionable decision to retire Shelden Williams' jersey the other day, the rookie member of the Atlanta Hawks went through the usual thanks. He forgot Krzyzewski, but did include God. This was a popular choice, and won a stirring round of applause.

"Nice to see some of the old favorites are still appreciated."

Barry Jacobs, on Shelden Williams' jersey retirement

"We were walking into the building today and people were saying 'congratulations' from Thursday and never said 'good luck' for today," So that's what we were dealing with from a mental standpoint."  

Dave Leitao after defeating Duke

“We had the errors at Duke, had an obvious no-call on a walk (by point guard Sean Singletary) that cost us the game against Virginia, and now, this game, we’ve got the shot clock stopping in the middle of a possession, had the ball inside and we’re disadvantaged with 11 seconds to go (on the possession)...We had excessive contact on a foul, which should have been called that way, and now we (should have had) a situation down 12, shooting two shots and the ball back...The backcourt situation I’m not sure about, but I thought clearly the ball was knocked away from K.C. into the backcourt. So my frustration did boil over.”  

Oliver Purnell

"If I'm coaching Kentucky, I'd have to believe I could get better players. I wouldn't worry if I was a Kentucky fan or supporter."

Patterson Prep Terry Traux after his own player, Marshall Moses, picked Oklahoma State over Kentucky

"I told our kids this is more than just a win for us. This is a win for a lot of people."  

N.C. State's Sidney Lowe, after beating UNC in his first attempt

"You'll see it again."  

N.C. State's Sidney Lowe, on his red jacket brought out for the UNC game

"I didn't like it when I first saw it.I thought he was going to wear the dark jacket with a red tie." State's Brandon Costner on Sidney Lowe's red jacket
"I'm just glad they got the time right."

Virginia's J.R. Reynolds, after Greg Paulus nearly won the game on a last-second shot

"I thought both teams played their hearts out. Great win for them, and a tough loss for us. That's life in the ACC." Coach K on the loss to Virginia