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Singler R.O.W (Again)

Congratulations to Kyle Singler, who is, for the second week in a row, the ACC Rookie of the Week. He earned the award partly because of his performance in the Wisconsin game, where he battled on even terms with a front line that was just huge and at times overly physical. The most physical play, if you want to call it that, was when he was tossed to the floor and had his cheek split open.

We said at the time that Duke's players had been getting irritated at the physical nature of Wisconsin, something which was reinforced when they played Wofford and their center Greg Stiemsma got into a bit of dirty play against guard Junior Salters, which ended with Steimsma wrapping his legs around Salters and then shoving him.

That Singler was mature enough to not just retaliate but to take a major blow and keep on coming speaks volumes about what sort of player he is.