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Another DBR Reader Writes A Book!

As you guys know, we enjoy passing on things DBR readers do, and lately, it's been about books as several readers have written them. You can add Walter Manley, a "university"professor at FSU and a visiting professor at Oxford and Cambridge universities and a Harvard and Duke (JD 1972) grad, to their company.

His new book is called The Supreme Court of Florida, 1917-1972. It's been getting some solid reviews.

Volume 2 was nominated for 4 prizes, including the Littleton-Griswold Prize. Rice University's Journal of Southern History said this of the first volume: "the most comprehensive treatment of any state supreme court...groundbreaking important contribution to both Florida and Southern history." The Florida Bar Journal reviewed it as "the best legal history of the state."

Judging by the comments we've heard, it sounds like Walter has written the definitive book on the subject. It's a tremendous accomplishment, and we wish him the best of luck with it.