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Saunders At It Again (And Needs To Issue A Correction)

Barry Saunders is whacking at the Duke pinyata again, arguing that the case filed the the rest of the lacrosse team is basically an indulgence since none of them were ever charged. A couple of minor points here.They were, in our opinion, judged collectively and slandered. If nothing else, the fact that they were illegally subjected to a mass DNA cull and had to see their faces on a police poster for a crime that never happened - well, who wouldn't take offense at that?

At this point, it's hard to take Saunders seriously anymore. Maybe he and Sweet Thang should get some shots and chicken innards and try to inoculate themselves against their rage against Duke.

For all the criticisms of Duke lately, people should acknowledge their immense contributions to Durham, and it would be nice if Saunders could manage it. But that seems unlikely at this point.

Followup: In his last column, Saunders said this: "Neither Alleva nor the Duke sports information department returned my calls Monday."

According to our sources, this is factually incorrect, and while Alleva did not return his calls, Saunders was called back twice. It would be nice if he would correct this inaccuracy, but we're not really expecting fairness from him at this point. But it would be a good thing if the Triangle's leading newspaper demonstrated some standard of accountability.