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ACC Roundup

In ACC Sunday action, UNC knocked off Rutgers, 93-71, Wake beat Bucknell 72-56, and Virginia Tech lost to Old Dominion, 72-69.

Monday Night ACC Action!
Teams Time TV
Stetson @ Miami 7:00 X
ACC Standings
Boston College 1-0 1.000 7-2 .778
Duke 0-0 .000 9-0 1.000
Miami 0-0 .000 9-0 1.000
North Carolina 0-0 .000 9-0 1.000
Clemson 0-0 .000 8-0 1.000
Virginia 0-0 .000 7-2 .778
Florida State 0-0 .000 9-3 .750
Wake Forest 0-0 .000 6-3 .667
NC State 0-0 .000 5-3 .625
Virginia Tech 0-0 .000 5-4 .556
Georgia Tech 0-0 .000 4-4 .500
Maryland 0-1 .000 6-5 .545

UNC beat Rutgers but took a beating themselves, as Danny Green ended up with stitches and Tyler Hansbrough got a concussion when trying to take a charge, which annoyed Ol' Roy: "First time in the history of college basketball a guy got a concussion with no foul called. That better be all I say." He got T'd up after Psycho T went down.

Amazingly, Rutgers' J.R. Inman popped off to the press about what a lameass he thought Hansbrough was: "Honestly, I'm not a conceited dude, but I really don't think he can guard me. He's really strong, and he's a really talented player, don't get it twisted. He's a threat to get a double-double every night. But from what I notice defensively, he really hasn't been challenged this year by a guy who has my ability and skills. Somebody his size with athleticism, reach and all that stuff, but who can also step out to 20 feet.

"That's pretty hard for anybody, even myself. If I had to guard myself, it would be pretty hard."

Well, whoever guarded him kept him to 3-14. Maybe he shut himself down.

On the other hand, Hansbrough was only 6-16 and Deon Thompson was held to 3-10 (the duo combined for 20 boards, however). Nobody shot well except for Tywon Lawson (9-15), Danny Green (5-7) and William Graves, who managed 3 shots in a minute, hitting two of them.

Wake beat Bucknell, but they had to work for it. Bucknell was closing in on an upset when Dino Gaudio went to a smaller lineup, and that did the trick. It was an emotional day since Skip Prosser's son, Mark, is an assistant at Bucknell.

Incidentally, congratulations to Wake for winning the men's soccer title. Julian Valentin trumped Danny Green's five stitches with 30 of his own after taking a cleat to the face.

No great surprise that ODU beat Virginia Tech. Tech is young and has some flaws, and ODU is a tough, very well coached team. Whatever happens to Tech this season, though, they have found an exciting player in Jeff Allen.