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Football - U.T.'s O.C. Cutcliffe Interviewed

As the coaching search goes on, Duke is now talking to David Cutcliffe, currently offensive coordinator for Tennessee an previously head coach at Mississippi. He coached both Peyton and Eli Manning and set offensive records at both schools (not hard to do with those quarterbacks of course).Cutcliffe had a respectable career at Mississippi, although his last season dipped to 4-7. After that, his A.D. demanded that he fire his assistants and give a detailed plan for the program's future. Cutcliffe refused and was canned. His successor won 10 games in three seasons. Ole Miss just hired Houston Nutt to replace him.

He was also interested in the State job last year after Chuck Amato was fired.

On the downside, Cutcliffe sat out a season after having triple bypass surgery.

Our impression? People he's worked with seem to think very highly of him. And while he's older than Duke's recent coaches, an older coach might be a good thing in some ways. And with his track record of succeeding with quarterbacks, he must be intrigued by Thaddeus Lewis.