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Barry Jacobs On Promoted ACC Assistants!

Wake's Dino Gaudio is only the fourth ACC assistant coach promoted to the head job in the past 34 seasons. There were eight such promotions in the league's first 15 years.One in three elevated assistants produced a winning record as a head coach.

ACC Assistants Elevated To Head Coach

Coach, School Seasons as Head Record Succeeded
Bones McKinney, WF (8) 1958-65 122-94 Murray Greason
Walt Hambrick, SC (1) 1959 4-20 Frank Johnson
Dean Smith, NC (36) 1962-97 879-254 Frank McGuire
Bobby Roberts, C (8) 1963-70 82-116 Press Maravich
Dwane Morrison, SC (1) 1964 4-8 Chuck Noe
Press Maravich, NCS (2) 1965, 1966 38-13 Everett Case
Jack Murdock, WF (1) 1966 8-18 Bones McKinney
Frank Fellows, M (2) 1968, 1969 16-34 Bud Millikan
Neil McGeachy, D (1) 1974 10-16 Bucky Waters
Jeff Jones, V (8) 1991-98 146-104 Terry Holland
Bill Guthridge, NC (3) 1998-2000 80-28 Dean Smith
Larry Shyatt, C (5) 1999-2003 70-84 Rick Barnes
Dino Gaudio, WF 2008- We'll see. Skip Prosser

" Morrison, McGeachy, Guthridge, and Gaudio were promoted on short notice.

" Morrison took over when Chuck Noe was hospitalized at South Carolina with nervous exhaustion.

" Duke's McGeachy and UNC's Guthridge stepped up when their bosses resigned just prior to the start of fall practice.

" Gaudio was hired as head coach two weeks after Skip Prosser died late last July.

" Wake's Bones McKinney, N.C. State's Press Maravich, Virginia's Jeff Jones, and UNC's Bill Guthridge were all more or less tabbed by their predecessors to take over. In each case the man they replaced remained on campus, either in retirement or in another athletic capacity.