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Barry Jacobs On Taylor King!

There is no way it is either fair or reasonable to make projections about Taylor King's career after he has played only nine college games. Injury, personnel changes around him, and adjustments and growth in his game should alter King's statistical profile as his Duke tenure unfolds.Yet, even if you look before you leap, sometimes it's still fun to jump to conclusions.

One is hard-pressed to watch King in action and not be fascinated by the frequency, accuracy, and seeming ease with which he launches 3-pointers. Distance does not appear to be a factor in King's flings. The left-hander reminds several observers of a similarly-sized fellow Californian, Tracy Murray, who advanced from UCLA to a successful pro career.

King does more than let fly from the bonusphere. The 6-6 freshman is a surprisingly good passer and a determined rebounder and defender, a better all-around player than expected.

But the fascination, both for fans and opposing defenses, remains King's penchant for providing a perimeter punch. So, fair or not, we provide this comparison between the fledgling Dukie and the ACC's top six career leaders in 3-point attempts during the previous 21 years the shot was in effect.

(3-Point Production Per Minute Played, As Percent Of All Shots)

Player, School Career Games 3 Atts Min Per 3 Att 3s as Pct FG Atts Career 3 Pct
Taylor King, D 2008- 9 49 2.59 72.1 .469
J.J. Redick, D 2003-06 139 1126 4.20 59.1 .406
Curtis Staples, V 1995-98 122 1079 3.77 76.7 .383
Dennis Scott, GT 1988-90 99 831 4.44 50.5 .422
Trajan Langdon, D 1995-99 136 802 4.89 58.1 .426
Randolph Childress, WF 1991-95 120 832 4.77 57.3 .395
Rodney Monroe, NCS 1988-91 124 739 5.40 38.2 .436

-- Monroe ranks third in career 3-point accuracy behind Wake's Cal Boyd (.470 on 247 attempts from 1987-89) and N.C. State's Vinny Del Negro (.447 on 150 attempts in 1987 and 1988). Langdon ranks seventh, Scott ninth, Redick 20th.

-- Scott is tops in ACC history with 3.6 made 3-pointers per game. Currently, Duke's King is making 2.6 per game.

-- Staples leads ACC players with 8.8 attempts per game from 3-point range. To date King stands at 5.4