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Vandy's Johnson To Interview

Vandy's Bobby Johnson is set to interview for the Duke football job. Although his record at Vandy isn't that great, after reading his bio, we can see an argument for him. We're not saying he's absolutely the right guy, but who knows? Here's the Wikipedia entry on Johnson.

He's obviously had to be part of Vandy's radical idea of abolishing the athletic department, a notion which has worked out better than most people (us included) expected. If anyone was likely to balk at that, you'd expect it to be the football coach, but he seems supportive.

He's also a Clemson grad, so he knows the ACC well.

Obviously most of us would prefer a guy who won 11 games the last ten years and so on, but that's not likely to happen. We're just learning about him, but in a lot of ways, he seems like he might be a good fit. But things aren't to that point just yet, so it's back to hurry up and wait.