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Fred Lind's Kid On Target For Gold!

Every so often, we come across a child of a former Duke player who is doing something pretty cool. You'd have to put Fred Lind's daughter, Caroline, into that group.

To say she's had a meteoric rise in rowing would be the understatement of the year. You won't read a sentence like this too often: "I started rowing, and three months later I was on the junior national team."

To put it more aptly, Caroline is a powerhouse rower and has a serious chance at gold in Beijing.

Fred and Mary's older daughter, Mary Laura, now a grad student at Cal Tech, has her own page, where you'll see that her interests "lie in the development of novel lightweight amorphous alloys as well as thermal and mechanical properties of metastable materials."

Yeah, us too! Small world!

Part of it is dedicated to Caroline's success as well, which is very sweet. But the family has a major sweet streak.