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More On The Lawsuit

As you probably know by now, the three falsely indicted former Duke lacrosse players have filed a federal civil rights suit against the city of Durham, Mike Nifong, his former investigator Linwood Wilson, former Police Chief Steve Chalmers, Sgt. Mark Gottlieb, Investigator Benjamin Himan, several other police department employees, and DNA Security (the company which did the private DNA tests which blew the case open), owner Richard Clark, and Brian Meehan, who conspired with Nifong to withhold the exculpatory DNA evidence.

Durham's official response was read by Durham Public Affairs Director Beverly B. Thompson, who told the assembled media that "[w]e have been informed that the complaint was filed in the Middle District today. The city will conduct a full and thorough review of the plaintiffs' allegations in the complaint."

KC Johnson has a breakdown of the demands.