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Next Up For Football - Wake Forest

Next up for Duke is Wake Forest, in an interesting rematch of last year's heartbreaking thriller, which Wake just barely won.

Duke comes into this game 1-4, but Wake is only marginally better at 2-2.

But the losses come to B.C. and Nebraska, no disgraces, and the wins are over Army and Maryland. The Maryland game was a memorable comeback, as Wake went late into the third quarter trailing 24-3 and ended up winning 31-24. It was one of the more impressive displays of sheer guts this season.

Duke and Wake have an ancient if largely unappreciated football rivalry, which goes all the way back to the days of Trinity College, and it's always been capable of sparking into Saturday afternoon greatness.

On the other hand, both teams have also ripped the hell out of each other from time to time.

It doesn't have the same public appeal as Duke-UNC, or Duke-State, or State-UNC, but Duke-Wake quite often provides a wonderful afternoon of football. If it does this year, let's hope Duke is smiling when it's over.