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ACC Roundup

Our focus the last couple of days has been on Duke of course, and the Blue-White game. But the reports out of Raleigh are bound to make State fans excited as freshman J.J. Hickson put on a show and Farnold Degand did a reasonable job at the point.

Down in Tallahassee, Florida State players are a bit giddy about Solomon Alabi and Julian Vaughn and their impact on the defense. Having a couple of shotblockers is a luxury.

Here's a little catchup with former UNC star Kenny Smith, who answers some questions for the Charlotte Observer.

Al Skinner's Boston College team is expected to be a bit down this year, but with the phenomenal success of just about every pro team in Boston and B.C.'s football team, will anyone notice? For the next week, talk will center on the Red Sox and their second World Series since 1918, and towards the weekend the focus will shift to the huge matchup between the Patriots and the Colts. In that article linked above, Kenny Smith predicts the Celtics will make the Finals, and B.C. is #2 in the football polls.

Generations of people grew up with the notion that stability in baseball, and perhaps the world, in large part meant that the Sox wouldn't win the World Series. A running theme in the Boston-based TV show Cheers was the endless heartbreak endured by the denizens of the bar.

No more. Congrats to the Sox and to generations of suffering fans.