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Greenberg On What Virginia Tech's Been Through

ESPN's Mark Schlabach spoke to Seth Greenberg, who talked about how the shootings at Virginia Tech affected his basketball program. In the big scheme of things, it's probably the least important thing to come out of the tragedy, but for Greenberg, the program has to be his main focus and responsibility, and the program took a big hit as he lost a key big man recruit and his likely point guard, too.

We're on record as saying that Greenberg is not our favorite guy in the ACC, but in general, no one at Tech was stronger during their time of crisis than Greenberg. There may not have been anyone at Tech who was any stronger or performed any better than Greenberg.

That said, he might have been smarter to not have pushed Augustus to show up this fall. Obviously he needed him, but he could have looked at this as as redshirt year and had him after that.

In the case of Munson, there was a story this summer (we're thinking it was in the Post) that the reason Greenberg wouldn't release him to transfer to GW was because there was some tampering. That's understandable if so. Munson apparently isn't enrolled anywhere currently.

As we said, Greenberg isn't our favorite guy in the ACC, but you'd have to be a stone not to have some sympathy for what he's been through in the last few years. Tech's lost season a couple of years back must have been incredibly stressful. And then last spring...

Greenberg and his team have been through a lot, and he's managed to keep a pretty even keel under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. It doesn't show up in the record, but character counts for something. Perhaps the best way to put it is that while Virginia Tech has had horrible, stunningly bad luck, the good luck is having a guy like Greenberg there to deal with it all. He's been superb in adversity.