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Women Picked Third In ACC Pre-Season Poll

Things are going to be pretty different for the Duke women this year, with the loss of two great players to graduation and coach Gail Goestenkors to Texas. But new coach Joanne P. McCallie has blown into town with immense energy and charm, and she's won people over in a big way. In the ACC's pre-season poll, Duke is picked third, behind Maryland and UNC. But after observing the ebullient Coach P for a few months, we have found ourselves wondering if her excitement won't translate into a more relaxed state of mind for the team. We don't want to knock Goestenkors, who was a brilliant coach, but it may end up that a new approach makes a world of difference. Duke tended to tighten up in big games under Goestenkors, and we'll be curious to see if that changes now.