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Hey California Readers! Hang In There!

In the Triangle, as you likely know, we've been suffering with an incredible drought and have been looking at very stark water restrictions as most towns are down about a three month supply. Fortunately, for the first time in a long while, we've gotten a significant rainfall. It's not over, but it'll sure help.

Our friends in Southern California aren't as lucky right now. The fires around San Diego are stunning and extracting a huge cost, with a million people displaced, houses lost, and at least five people dead. The suggestion that this might be the work of arsonists is just...what words could you put on that? What punishment would be adequate?

Fortunately, things improved a lot Wednesday night and Thursday morning. We know we have a lot of readers in Southern California, and our hearts go out to you. We hope everything is back to normal as soon as possible and that you are all safe and whole.