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Winn, Jacobs Attend Practice

Luke Winn has an interesting article up on Duke's upcoming season

The DBR Writer’s Fundraiser- Almost 60% There!

and he focuses on the offense and wonders (as a lot of people will) just how Duke will handle being a smaller team. Here's how: remember how suffocating Duke's defense was last year, when it was really good early? It's going to be a lot better. Duke has the athletes to really put pressure on the ball and if you can't move it around, defending the post gets a lot easier. And as you know, to an extent the era of the collegiate big man has largely passed. Tyler Hansbrough is a big exception; the rule is more like Brandan Wright's one year.Interestingly, unless we missed it, Winn went the entire article talking about Duke and size without mentioning Brian Zoubek.

Barry Jacobs attended the same practice and has some comments as well, focusing more on Coach K's business lecture at the same practice, and his comments on what he's learned and applied at the Olympics.