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IU Situation Getting Testy

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Here are some more reactions to the nonsense at Indiana, where Kelvin "Call me" Sampson is in trouble again for making illegal phone calls, this time while he was on probation for doing it the first time.Mike DeCourcy says the NCAA should blame itself for not making the penalty stiffer, and Gary Parrish, the spiky-haired one, says Sampson's explanation doesn't wash.

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And add former star Kent Benson to the list of critics. Benson, who played for Bob Knight's undefeated team, says if Knight got zero tolerance for running a clean program with erratic (and violent) personal behavior, then the same standard should apply to Sampson, and he should be gone.

There's no indication what the NCAA will say about this new issue, but they aren't bound by Indiana's self-imposed penalties.

By the way, we're sure someone has thought of this, but what does the Mentor think? He migh stuff you in a trash can if you ask him, but his opinion, no doubt, is highly entertaining and probably dead-on.

In a final note, big man target Tyler Zeller, who is also coveted by Ol' Roy Williams, says Sampson's hi-jinks won't play a role in his decision. Same for Stephan Van Treese.