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Haith Scores In N.C. Again!

Miami got a commitment from Winston-Salem big man Reggie Johnson, who is big indeed at 6-9 and 290. Odds are Frank Haith will slim him down a bit, but it could be a good fit since Miami needs some big men.

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It also continues Miami's N.C. big man pipeline, as Burlington native Haith can count Anthony King and Julian Gamble (both of Durham) and Jimmy Graham of Goldsboro as other big guys who drifted south before Johnson.

It's not to insult Johnson that we point out that he's not considered top-flight in-state talent - he's not and he knows it too (and of course rankings mean nothing, certainly not next to hard work, as Jason Cain proved very effectively over the last couple of years), nor are the other N.C. kids, but Haith is building, and he's recruiting territory he knows well.