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The 2007-08 DBR Writer's Fundraiser!

With the basketball season pretty much upon us, it's time for our annual DBR Writer's fundraiser!

For the last few years, we've been thrilled to host Al Featherston and Barry Jacobs. Both writers will contribute again this year; Barry on a twice-weekly basis, and Al less frequently.

Support the DBR Writer's Fund and help us continue bringing you Al Featherston, Barry Jacobs, and Jim Sumner!
Not into Paypal? You can mail a contribution to:Duke Basketball Report
5310 South Alston Avenue, Suite 210
Durham, North Carolina 27713

We're also very excited to welcome Jim Sumner to the pages of DBR. Jim is one of the finest ACC writers around. A well-known presence on our boards, we're thrilled that he wants to contribute to DBR. Jim has written for Blue Devil Weekly for some time and also contributes to the ACC Handbook, among other publications. He is universally respected around the conference and will bring a great perspective to DBR.

Having writers of this quality is a dream for most sites, and we're extremely lucky to have them. But they're professionals and we don't get them for free, although Al says we don't have to pay him if we don't want to, but given the quality of what he does, we think he deserves to be paid.

We also have the possibility of getting some recruiting coverage if we can afford it.

As always, we'll post a list of suggested contribution levels, but also as always, let your conscience be your guide, and give what you can afford and what you think it's worth to you.

Thanks for everything! You guys are great!